Cotton Candy - Baby Shoes Handmade by Raspberriez

Cotton Candy

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Looking for a matching baby bonnet? Check out our 'Cotton Candy' baby bonnet here.


  • Gorgeous marbled pink with a dusty pink suede sole, a working detailed ivory button, and is topped with the fluffiest faux fur. 
  • Raspberriez shoes are soft soled which gives your little one added flexibility which aids in their development.


Please measure your little one's feet and then round up so they have some room to grow! We have listed approximate age, but please know that not all children's feet are the same size. Using the measurements provided is the best bet to purchasing the correct size. Raspberriez baby shoes will stretch as they are worn in, allowing our shoes to grow as they do.

Size Inches
Newborn fits up to 3"
0-3 M fits up to 3.5"
3-6 M fits up to 3.85"
6-12 M fits up to 4.25"
12-18 M fits up to 4.85"



  • Hand washing is recommended.


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